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Mr. Ruddy began his career in numismatics in 1954. He was president of Empire Coin Co. and Bowers and Ruddy Galleries. After retiring in 1977 he built and operated a non-profit museum to house his collection of 1930’s general store merchandise. The museum was donated to the City of Palm Springs in 2003.

Mr. Ruddy also collected Presidential autographs and was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Manuscript Society for eight years. He was a recipient of their Award of Distinction and was a Fellow of the Manuscript Society.

Collectable NASA equipment that landed on the surface of the Moon and is certified by a Moonwalker will someday be valued as much as any of history’s greatest artifacts from past explorations anywhere in the world.


Space Suit Glove Liner

Space Suit Glove Liner

Apollo 11. Flown to the surface of the Moon in the Lunar Module. A spacesuit glove liner worn by Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin.

One of a pair of “comfort” gloves worn under Buzz […]