Space Suit Glove Liner

Apollo 11. Flown to the surface of the Moon in the Lunar Module. A spacesuit glove liner worn by Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin.

One of a pair of “comfort” gloves worn under Buzz Aldrin’s spacesuit gloves to avoid rubbing. The mate to this glove was sold at auction by Superior Galleries in January, 1993, and was resold at auction by RR for over $61,000.00 in May, 2014 to a private museum. The lot description stated; “…worn on the Moon at Tranquility Base”. (see copy of COA to the left along with a photo of Neil Armstrong wearing his pair of glove liners while suiting up prior to the Apollo 11 mission).

Any article of clothing worn by a Moonwalker is very rare. Of extreme rarity is an article of clothing that was on the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

A certificate of authentication (COA), signed by Buzz Aldrin states; “November 9, 1998, letter of certification, I hereby warrant and certify that the space suit glove liner, identified by the name of “ALDRIN” and hand stamped “A7L-103056-0X08/L/N 035, size SLNG/7489,” is from my personal collection of Apollo artifacts. This glove liner was flown to the moon to Tranquility Base on the Apollo 11 flight of the “Eagle” July 20, 1969.”